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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Gossip Girl Style: 10 years on

Believe it or not, this year will mark the 10 year anniversary of the first ever Gossip Girl episode! I was and still am a huge Gossip Girl fan, with Blair always being my favourite character, and the main thing I love about the show besides the eye candy (Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford in one show, hello?) is the fashion.

Fashion is such a huge part of the Gossip Girl franchise; Blair's mum has her own label, Serena regularly models for runway shows and Jenny is an aspiring fashion designer, so the clothes are always impeccable for both the boys and girls. In the light of this, I decided to put together some Gossip Girl style edits for 2017. By the way, we can all agree that Serena would absolutely be one of those instagram famous girls who have amazing hair, an unreal physique and are always on holiday, but nobody knows what they actually DO?!


Starting with the character we all love to hate, Jenny Humphrey swapped her Blair-ite preppiness for a total grunge/rock makeover, which went hand in hand with her angsty teenage attitude. Naturally, a leather jacket is in there, teamed with some ripped black jeans, buckled black boots and the Gucci Dionysus with an embellished twist. I can totally see Jenny wearing this with her signature bleach blonde hair and a dark smokey eye, and think the grey hoodie under the jacket makes it a lot more Brooklyn cool for the day time.


My all time favourite, Blair has a very unique, put together sense of style which whilst not the most wearable, really suits her character. I had a lot of fun with this one because as Blair is so girly, you can really mix up the different prints, textures and fabrics with clashing colours, but still create a really classic look. Obviously, Blair is a complete label whore so a classic Burberry trench and Hermes Kelly were staple parts of this look, but by picking them in more 'out there' colours and - in the case of the trench - fabrics, you can elevate what could be quite a structured look into the kind of unique statement style Blair carries throughout the series.


Serena is the ultimate 'it' girl; she is beautiful, has amazing hair and her style is simply incredible. What I love most about Serena's style is how effortlessly put together it looks - she mixes designer labels with vintage treasures and manages to make a simple ponytail work for her. This was actually the hardest one for me to make - Serena's style is so particular and seems so 'last minute' in the sense that she just woke up, threw on whatever she wanted and managed to make it work that actually putting an outfit together that doesn't look too much of one style was quite difficult. However, I feel like I have made it work and the key was down to the accessories - without the pop of colour from the shoes, bag and jewellery, this outfit would be pretty boring. Serena always has an interesting set of earrings or a statement ring and whilst sometimes her clothes are also very loud and confident, a lot of the time it is her accessories that do the talking. Here I teamed some pale pink palazzo trousers with a simple top and crochet vest, but added her trade mark Louboutin shoes, a velvet Gucci bag in jewel tones and some pops of green and yellow.

I really enjoyed doing this little compilation and may have to do another set for event wear, even if now I have serious clothes envy. I think I am going to re watch Gossip Girl for the fiftieth time after doing this - seriously, as if it has been 10 years since it first aired! And remember, in the words of Blair Waldorf -

Lauren Gibbins
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  1. Admittedly, I bloody love Blair the most but Jenny's style is my fave! I love Taylor Momsen, totally jealous of her voice and her long legs. I love her! Although I'm very pink, grunge/rock music is my favourite, so I'll always have a soft spot for her

    1. I went through a phase when I was younger when I totally wanted to be Jenny - I got this black blazer from a charity shop and added some gold studs to the lapels and was soooo happy when a girl at the local Topshop asked me where it was from so I could say I'd made it haha! Blair is my all time favourite, however!


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