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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Florals For Spring

Florals; the faithful companion to fashion in the Spring. Each year we are greeted with a new take on florals, whether it be a change of print, colour or cut, and as much as Miranda Priestly's stern stare warned us all of its predictability, it is actually a really versatile print. Suitable for weddings, christenings, barbecues, festivals, gigs - you name it, you can dress it up to make it formal or toughen it up with a leather biker and pair of boots. Print clashing with florals is a fun way to re-use your less loved items in your wardrobe and is exactly what I did with my potential new go-to outfit for the warmer months.

 I bought this skirt last August before I went to Amsterdam, and also have it in the midi length. I love that it is black with yellow flowers, especially as yellow is SUCH an 'in' colour this year, and as it is a tie-around style it is very flattering. I do have to pin mine in place as one gust of wind could leave you as the lead story of The Daily Mail, but the length is really flattering.

This shirt was actually bought in the Christmas sales from Zara, and I have barely gotten any use out of it; not because I don't like it, but because as I have quite big boobs, I sometimes find shirts to be quite unflattering, but for €9.95 I couldn't be arsed with returning it, so it has ended up screwed up at the back of my wardrobe for a few months. Also, me and the iron have a bit of a love hate relationship after working in a restaurant where you would be sent home for a single crease in your shirt, so I try to avoid it as much as possible, but boy does this shirt crease up!

My favourite part about it is definitely the back, which is why it is perfect now that the sun seems to have returned to Bergamo and I no longer need to sweat in a jacket just to remain dry from the storms. It has embroidered cherry blossom in pink and yellow all up the back, with beading too, and really makes a simple pinstriped shirt just that bit extra special.

The colour of the shirt is incredibly flattering on all skin tones but looks especially good with a bit of a tan, and I love how the stripes clash with the floral print. Stripes and florals are a match made in print-clashing heaven, and this look would look equally as good with a simple navy striped jumper or a red breton-striped long sleeved tee. However, it looks equally as good with a black ribbed jumper to allow the skirt to do all the talking.

Shoe wise, you could go for the preppy style - which I will definitely be doing - and team it with some black loafers, or some brogues. I would also consider wearing some red boots if I were to wear it in the evening to go out for drinks or for food, perhaps with a red lip and nails to bring it all together.

Shirts are a great way of injecting a bit of a masculine feel into predominantly girly outfits, and by buying them a little oversized with structured colours and cuffs, you can make them look really casual yet preppy. Of course, the floral embroidery going up the back of this shirt makes it an extremely feminine piece, but if you replaced it with an actual men's shirt it would give the same effect. Contrarily, you could opt for a sheer white button down blouse, to make the look significantly more feminine, but then you lose the colour/print clash. A rose pink shirt with red shoes would also look beaut styled this way.

 I would definitely wear this outfit during the day, maybe to go along the beach or for a pub lunch, so when it comes to accessories I think less is more. A simple black bag would keep the attention on the focal point of the outfit - the skirt - but my bag of choice is this pale blue cross body number. I have featured the yellow version of this bag relentlessly on Instagram and it has received nothing but compliments, but in this case I think using blue on blue brings the outfit together.

The gold hardware on the bag is also a great way to incorporate all the colours used in the outfit into your accessories to make sure it compliments them well. The gold here isn't too yellow, but matches the yellow on the skirt really nicely. Sometimes little details like this are what pull your outfit all together and make it just that little bit better, as if it were silver hardware on this bag it would still look nice, but not as nice as it does with the gold. Noticing the little details like this have made me understand why sometimes outfits just do not look as good as you imagine them in your head, and has also made me realise how many good outfits I have been missing out on by not looking at the clothes properly.

This outfit is a perfect example of how you don't need to buy brand new clothes every week to keep up with the seasonal trends. I am a self confessed shopaholic and really do understand how sometimes it can seem that your wardrobe is a complete shambles, ESPECIALLY if you're a student and can't afford to be constantly buying new things. Recently I have been so bored with my current wardrobe, and the fact that I am not working whilst studying abroad so cannot afford to buy new stuff but also need to worry about getting all the clothes I already have home in two suitcases. Also, I always feel a lot more self conscious during the summer - like most people - and the inability to just throw on my leather jacket and a pair of tights or hide under an oversized jumper has made me hate the clothes I have even more. Taking the time to look at your current clothes and mixing and matching them with other things you wouldn't normally consider pairing together can often lead to really great outfits and save you a couple of quid on even more clothes to stuff at the back of your draws. None of the items here are brand new, other than the bag which was bought in March so is a few months old itself, but are still completely 'on trend' for this season. So whilst florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, their versatility makes them a key part of my year-round wardrobe.

Lauren Gibbins
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  1. I love this post so much! You're totally rocking that skirt, and I love how you've paired it with the shirt and bag! I also love the last paragraph. As you know, I'm a student too and it can be so annoying when you just cannot afford to keep up with the trends like you want to. I love versatile pieces for this reason!
    Hayley X

    1. Versatile pieces are something I am getting better at investing in; I could never be the sort of person who only dresses in classic things so have to invest my money wisely in clothes which reflect my style but still get wear out of them! xx


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