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Friday, 21 April 2017

Milk + Blush Hair Extensions Review

Before I chose to get easilocks fitted (read more about that here and here), I wore clip in extensions pretty much every day. I used to buy them from Preston market which were surprisingly good quality, but decided to invest more money into sets which would actually last more than three months. The brand I chose has changed its name quite a few times - for reasons I do not know - and what were originally HeadKandy then DirtyLooks are now called Milk + Blush.

I decided to purchase the quad weft from Milk + Blush because a couple of my hair extensions had fallen out and I wasn’t sure when the next time I would see my hairdresser would be to have them refitted. I just got the quad weft rather than a full set as, obviously, I already have hair extensions in and wanted something which I would be able to cut into different pieces in order to slot in where the gaps were. I ordered the shade ‘Surfs Up’ which is one of the ombre shades, in length 16-18 inches, which including delivery to Italy cost me £47.

Milk + Blush weft on the left compared to my own hair colour, fitted with easilocks.


I’m going to start with the good points. The colour was nearly a perfect match; I did not take advantage of their colour match service and just guessed based on my own colour and past experiences with them, but it ended up turning out pretty well. The delivery was quick considering it was to Italy and not that expensive and the hair felt really soft. The hair was not long enough for me to wear it the way I wanted, but this was my own fault because I just guessed the length. 
The packaging is really nice - it is a holographic plastic and inside the extensions are contained in a hair net, with your paperwork and a couple of hair care and advertisement leaflets included in there too. When purchasing my full sets of hair extensions from this company, they were always sent to me in a nice box with the hair carefully contained, but I understand this isn’t exactly needed for one weft. 


To me the hair seemed a lot thinner than the previous times I have purchased from this particular site. Considering it is a quad weft which is supposed to be thick, the hair was really thin and there didn’t seem to be much to it. Also, in the standard packs of hair extensions they provide a single weft which you can colour match against your own hair as once you have opened the full package, you are not able to return them. This was not included in my pack, which meant I could only make sure it was okay for my hair once I had fully opened it, so if it had not been the right colour I would’ve been stuck with it. Ideally, i would’ve liked to return the pack in order to get a longer length but seeing as my own extensions have been refitted now I don’t see me using them anyway, so it is technically a waste of £47 for a product I’m not over the moon with. I don’t know if it is just because I am used to having such thick hair now or because it is a blonde colour rather than brunette, but the older products were definitely a lot thicker and better quality than the one I received. I used to be able to simply purchase the quad weft rather than a whole pack of extensions as I always found there were too many wefts in the normal ones to fit my hair/head, so the difference was very clear to me!

Be aware that in the pictures, I have already cut the quad weft into four separate pieces - normally it comes as one big weft with four clips, designed to fit around your whole head. As I already have fitted extensions, I just wanted this to fit in the areas where my easilocks had fallen out, so decided to cut it. 

So overall I’m not entirely impressed with my recent purchase from Milk + Blush. This is something I’m pretty sad about because I always recommended them to people wanting to buy hair extensions and considered them a fail safe option for if I was ever to return to wearing clips rather than easilocks again. 
I would still recommend them for people considering buying the full set of hair, especially as they offer different weights and thickness as well as lengths and an array of colours, so you will definitely be able to find some to suit you. If I do choose to remove my easilocks, I would probably shop around a bit and read some reviews for other shops before returning to Milk + Blush for extensions, but I wouldn't put off using them again altogether.
I’m interested to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences or even completely different ones to me!

You can purchase Milk + Blush hair extensions here.
Lauren Gibbins
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