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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Honest EASILOCKS Hair Extensions Review

One of the first things which Google suggests when you search for Easilocks is 'Easilocks ruined my hair'. When it comes to hair extensions and any form of beauty treatment, people are always more interested in the horror stories associated with them than the truth about how they turn out. I am no different; before I decided to have my Easilocks fitted, I scoured the internet for any hair disasters I could find, preferably with photos to fulfil my perverse curiosity on the subject. Like with anything, if you look in the right places you are going to find what you want, but unfortunately these horror stories are the experiences which stick in peoples minds, giving certain treatments and procedures a bad rap. At the minute, people seem to be obsessed with cosmetic surgery disasters such as lip and cheek fillers gone wrong, but every so often another scare-mongering article posts a completely skewed article on hair extensions and how they are the WORST thing you could possibly think to do.

It has now been 10 months since I first had Easilocks fitted, so I thought I would do a little review on them. For those who don’t know, Easilocks are a form of fitted hair extensions which use a mini ring to secure hair extensions to your own hair without any heat or glue. They are a really good alternative to the pre-bonded glue in hair extensions - which I have also had before - as there is no glue to damage your hair and they are extremely easy to fit and take out again. Prior to getting Easilocks fitted I did a lot of research about the pros and cons and watched many YouTube videos, so wanted to get my opinion across for anyone else who is considering them, as it is a pretty pricy investment to make in your hair so it is important to work out if they will work for you.

As I previously mentioned, my Easilocks are 10 months old now. In that time, I have had them refitted three times - as you need to have them refitted every three months - and upon my last refitting I changed some of the hair. This wasn’t due to the hair losing its quality at all, but because I had been on the blonde journey for a while and in order to make my hair look even lighter I had to replace my very dark hair extensions with blonde ones. The hair itself was actually still in really good condition, so if I hadn’t have been changing my colour then I wouldn’t have had to replace them.


I am going to start with the most obvious one, because a lot of people have the preconception that all forms of hair extensions are going to rip out every single follicle from your scalp and leave you with traction alopecia. I have had my hair damaged by bonded hair extensions before, and can honestly say my hair has not been damaged by Easilocks. If you follow the correct after care, your hair will be fine. Obviously there are going to be the odd horror stories where someone has had a bad experience with them, but the stylists wouldn’t be using this method if it was just going to wreck your hair. Yes, there are some people who would do it regardless because there is a lot of money to be made from fitting hair extensions, but you wouldn’t want someone like that doing your hair anyway, so as long as you trust your stylist who has proper training and follow the aftercare instructions then you shouldn’t have any issues.
I have always had very thin hair, and when you do have extensions fitted you hair WILL seem thinner upon their removal. This is due to the fact that for the past three months, you have had very thick hair and gotten used to its weight, so by removing that you are naturally going to think your hair seems thinner. The hair which seems to ‘come out’ when you have them removed is actually the hair which would have fallen out anyway, but has gotten ‘trapped’ in the locks - a quick google search just informed me that we apparently lose up to 100 hairs a day, so it is worth bearing this in mind when you’re sat in the chair feeling practically bald after three months of princess hair!


Another obvious one. Unfortunately, I cannot answer that because everyone has a consultation and quote tailored to them, but it is a pricey investment. Not only do you need to consider how much the actual fitting is going to cost, but you need to factor in that you may need to have your hair coloured, treated and cut before hand, and then you need to purchase specific shampoos and hair products to ensure the hair stays looking as perfect as when you first had it fitted! This is a really important part of the whole process, because fitted hair extensions require you to use silicone free shampoo rather than whatever you can get on the 3 for 2 offer at Boots and is therefore more expensive than what you would normally use. I have used Wella shampoo since I first had my Easilocks fitted and found it has worked really well - I use the shampoo for fine, coloured hair (comes in a red bottle and smells like cherries) and the conditioner for coarse, thick hair (comes in an orange bottle). The first salon I went to for Easilocks suggested I used Paul Mitchell products, which I bought because they recommended them in the salon, but I found that the Wella products worked much better for me. Obviously, Easilocks do recommend you use their own brand of products with the hair, but I haven’t used any of these and the hair is still in amazing condition. 
You also need to remember that your Easilocks must be refitted every 3 months. This is again going to cost a significant amount of money, but is essential to ensure that they do not end up damaging your hair. I have been in the process of lightening my hair for the past ten months and therefore each time I have the hair refitted, I have been having balayage/highlights too, which again costs money.


Obviously everyone has their own budget and priorities money wise, but if you are seriously considering getting hair extensions then I assume you are already willing to invest a significant amount of money in your hair. The first time you get them fitted is always going to be the most expensive, as you have to buy a whole heads worth of hair at once, but after that there are ways to make it more cost efficient. I buy my shampoo on Amazon in the 1ltr sizes as it works out cheaper and they last for AGES, and as I do not have any other regular beauty treatments i.e nails, eyebrows or eyelashes, I choose to spend more money on my hair instead. If you look after the hair, you will get a lot of wear out of it which means you don’t have to spend loads of money replacing it all the time. If like me you are intending on going lighter - or darker - gradually, you can do this in stages by replacing only a certain amount of the hair extensions at a time, which spreads the cost over the year and doesn’t hit you all at once. Another key point to remember is that big cities will ALWAYS charge more for their services - something I found out the hard way - but most salons do free consultations for Easilocks anyway where you can shop around and find a price which suits you. Still, when doing this you need to do your research into the stylist and make sure that you are still paying for someone to do a good job; if somewhere seems too cheap to be true then generally it is! After having my first set of extensions fitted, I wanted to find somewhere closer to home which was more affordable but still good, so I looked on the Easilocks website and found my current hairdresser, Becky. I looked at all her work on her facebook page - you can find her here - and had a consultation with her to really talk about what it is I wanted. I’ve always been happy with how Becky does my hair and actually prefer it to the place which charged me around four times more for the same thing, so it is ALWAYS beneficial to do your research!


Another mis-preconception that people have about extensions is that it is a lot of work to look after them. If you are used to getting up ten minutes before leaving the house, washing your hair and letting it dry naturally then yes, it is a lot of work. However, if you are used to getting up, washing, blowdrying, styling and setting your hair, then it isn’t going to be much different. The biggest change I had to comes to term with was just how long it took for the hair to dry, because my hair was about as thin as a piece of spaghetti before and therefore was dry within five minutes. You are not advised to let Easilocks dry naturally - especially not overnight - because it can cause matting at the root, so you definitely have to bear this in mind if you’re not used to having to spend a lot of time on your hair. Also, you cannot wash your hair extensions every day as it can cause them to dry out a lot quicker; remember, this hair is not like the hair on your head and does not benefit from any natural oils, so needs a lot more TLC to keep it looking perfect. I generally wash my hair two times a week, occasionally only washing the top area if it is particularly greasy. 
I like styling my hair so don’t find it to be a burden, but I do put off washing it longer than I probably should because I just can’t be arsed with having to dry it at times. There are quite a lot of things you have to remember, i.e not putting conditioner at the root of your hair, not washing your hair vigorously and making sure to brush through the bonds, but once you get the hang of it you’ll just do it without thinking anyway.


The Easilocks website states that you can continue to wear your hair up, swim and go to the gym whilst you have hair extensions, so if any of these elements were swaying your opinion then there’s your answer! I worked in a restaurant over the summer last year and wore my hair up for every shift, which I found did cause them to grow out quicker than the other times I have had them refitted, but did not cause any extra damage to my hair at all. Also, I follow a Youtuber called GraceFitUK who goes to the gym pretty much every day and swims even though she has hair extensions, and she recently did a video talking about them and said she has noticed absolutely no damage to her hair upon having them removed and refitted. I would assume that if your hair is going to be emerged into chlorine every single day then it probably won’t be in the best condition it could possibly be in, but the Easilocks site says that so long as you put hair conditioner on your extensions and braid them prior to getting in the water then they should be fine. I probably wouldn’t have got them if I was someone who swam every day as it would just seem like an immense faff to constantly sort them out, but the website says that this isn’t a problem so!


I have received so many compliments on my hair since having it fitted properly, and a lot of them are from people who didn’t even realise I had hair extensions. I have always been very conscious of ensuring that my hair extensions don’t look obviously fake, but Easilocks are very discreet and blend so naturally with your hair that they honestly do not look like extensions at all! I always say ‘buy cheap buy twice’ so if you’re spending a lot of money on your hair then you should expect them to look very natural, but also look as thick and long as you want them to. 


Hair extensions themselves do not hurt, but your head can feel a bit sore and tender for a few days after. For me, the most painful part is when my own hair is being brushed through afterwards in order to prepare it for the colouring and refitting. If you are quite a head-sore person then it will probably be a bit painful, but it is more a tight pain than someone ripping your hair out sort of pain. It is a weird feeling when you first have them fitted because you’re not used to having all the extra hair being attached to your head, and sleeping on them can seem a bit strange for the first few nights, but generally they are not painful at all. I barely even notice them now as I am so used to them.


For me, yes. I love having Easilocks fitted and find them really easy to look after. I love how my hair always looks styled even if I haven’t done anything particularly exciting to it, and as someone who has always made an effort to have nice hair I think they’re a really good investment. Obviously, this sort of thing is down to personal preference, but I would say that if you’re used to wearing clip-in hair extensions every day and have been thinking about fitted extensions, then definitely consider the Easilocks route. The last time I was at the hairdressers, I was told about the new Easilocks tape extensions which wouldn't be suitable for me at the minute as I am studying abroad and they need to be fitted a lot more often, but after seeing how natural and discreet they looked on Becky I am considering finding out a bit more about them! Maybe when my current hair extensions have had their day!
On my last refitting, I decided to replace my darkest Easilocks with BeautyWorks hair extensions which are fitted in the same sort of way, because they fit my budget at the time and don't seem to be much different with regards to quality. I intend to do a review comparing the two different brands when I have had my BeautyWorks hair extensions in for a longer period of time as right now it has only been two months and it would be unfair to compare ten month old Easilocks with two month old BeautyWorks. In the pictures where I am blonder, I do have both Easilocks and BeautyWorks hair extensions fitted, but I wanted to include the photos anyway to show how well the Easilocks hair extensions have lasted over such a long period of time, and would not have replaced the Easilocks if I wasn't lightening my colour (meaning, the quality of the Easilocks hair extensions were still really good but it would have damaged them too much to try and lighten them to the colour I aimed to achieve, so we decided to replace them instead). 

I hope this review has been informative and if you have any other questions about my own experience with Easilocks then don’t hesitate to ask me. I have included a video from the Easilocks Youtube channel which is 4 years old and therefore the way the hair is styled is quite outdated, but it shows the application really clearly and how discreet the locks are! 

You can find more information on the Easilocks website here.

Lauren Gibbins
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  1. Fair review I would say. One thing to be noted is that these hair extensions may be a little too much in terms of cost for people looking to experiment with them first. On the other hand, a long time fan would no doubt be excited.

    1. That is a good point! It is an expensive investment, however I am going to be putting up a BeautyWorks review very soon which is a more affordable alternative!


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