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Friday, 31 March 2017

Four trips, four outfits.

One of the main perks of having visitors? Outfit photos. 

Just kidding mum, I promise…

My main intention with this blog was to write about my year abroad, but I also wanted to document my outfits and whatever else I felt like writing about on that particular day. Experimenting with fashion trends and buying clothes has always been something I’ve loved doing, but recently I have really started to get over that fear of ‘looking stupid’ in a certain item of clothing or caring what people think about my style. Part of this is definitely age as at 21 if you’re still taking the piss out of someone in the street for what they’re wearing then you’re a childish dick, but another part is the fact that my boyfriend often comments on my clothes and shoes in a negative way which makes me want to wear them even more. I’m contemplating starting a Jo Elvin inspired hashtag; replacing #clothesmyhusbandhates with #clothesmyboyfriendhates. 

So here are four outfits I wore this week when travelling around with my mama and aunt - they’re hardly glossy magazine shots but there’s only so much you can do with an iPhone camera.


Now I know the title says 'festival inspired' and honestly nothing irks me more when I see high street shops suggesting WHITE clothing for a festival, but here we're talking more Coachella-style than Leeds festival.

I've always been a bit of a sucker for dresses, and remember my friend Katy telling me I was the 'dress queen' in sixth form cos I very rarely wore anything else. I bought this pinafore dress from ASOS because I had some gift vouchers and a 20% off UniDays voucher, so my mum kindly brought it over to Italy with her. It is a bit bigger than I was expecting, admittedly, but all the more room for Italian cuisine right?

I wore mine with a striped, long sleeved high neck top from Urban Outfitters, my Topshop suede patch tasseled cardigan, a pair of fishnets which had a huge hole up the back of the leg, my yellow leather bag and my trusty Mango studded boots. It got a bit hotter than I was expecting on this day so yes, I was sweating whilst traipsing around the town, but really liked the clash of prints and textures here. Also, I am a huge tights fan as someone not blessed with Millie Mackintosh's legs, so I am really enjoying the fishnet trend at the minute. 


Yellow is everywhere this season, but I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. I know that people of colour look exceptional wearing yellow, but as a very pasty blonde I wasn't sure if I'd look like I worked in a pre school. After seeing Megan Ellaby styling this exact same jumper with a yellow Gucci bag, I decided to give it a whirl myself and prayed that the yellow bag I already had would match the jumper. Turns out the colour is near enough identical, and Sam actually said I look 'very Milan' which is huge coming from him!

I paired my jumper with my yellow leather bag, an embroidered suede skirt from Zara, black tights, black boots which may or may not have a hole in the toe and my All Saints suede biker. It was a bit cooler on this day so definitely a tights kinda day, but I loved this outfit and will definitely be re-wearing it again and again. I especially loved how I matched the table cloth at one of the cafe's we ate at, which is always a massive bonus in the styling department.


I didn't get any 'proper' photos of my outfit in Venice because I was too busy admiring the actual view, and I wasn't majorly proud of it since I had got dressed at half 5 in the morning and was focussed more on comfort. However, looking back on photos I really like it for a more casual day outfit with a statement piece, and the jacket itself is very Venetian. I actually wanted to purchase another embroidered velvet bomber jacket from Zara which was a burnt gold with stars all over it but had decided against it, which I am GUTTED about to this day especially as I found it for €15 in the sale. It would have looked perfect with this outfit, but this River Island number did the trick almost as well.

I am wearing my River Island velvet embroidered bomber, a grey jumper from Primark, my Topshop tassel bottom jeans (without the tassels), a western style belt and out of shot are my Adidas rose gold and snake-print superstars. 


My final outfit for this post is what I wore to Lake Garda, and boy was it warm that day. I've never been one for 'summer dressing' because I hate how it generally means accentuating all the parts of myself which I hate, so I try to form outfits which keep me feeling comfortable in all weathers. Needless to say, this outfit was VERY warm despite the top being extremely thin material, but I love blonde hair against this particular blue.

My top is from Zara, my jeans are the same Topshop ones and my trainers again are the rose gold and snake print superstars. I also wanted to mention this bag just here because it is honestly the ultimate Mary Poppins bag of dreams - I bought it in the Mango sale just before going to Brussels and it fits basically everything bar the kitchen sink. I feel like Hermione in the final Harry Potter book when she has that special bag which fits all her personal belongings in it because it really does cram a lot in. Also, it has lasted surprisingly well considering it was originally €49 but I bought it for €20, and I have used it quite a lot because it means I don't have to use a huge bag but can also bring all my essentials with me everywhere.

The weather is getting pretty warm in Italy at the moment and I am constantly on the look out for ways to wear summery clothes without feeling like a beached whale so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! 

Lauren Gibbins
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